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What Kind of Environment do We Have to Bloom Innovation within the Companies?

Although the topic of innovation is on everyone's words, what kind of environment do we have to bloom innovation within the companies? Let's do a little check-up for ourselves:

Innovation means bringing "new customs to the old village". Do people try new ways and approaches to create solutions in your environment, or do they kick the ball into touch.

Innovation is to reward the belief that "where there is movement, there is abundance". Are people static or mobile in your environment?

Innovation is to rebel against the belief that "curiosity arises evil". Is bringing new questions, ideas, ways, approaches to your environment prevented or encouraged?

Innovation means living in a place that "loves everyone with their mistakes" by saying “nobody is perfect". Are people afraid of making mistakes in your environment, or are people encouraged to learn from mistakes?

Innovation means “darkening our eyes" when the time comes. When starting a job in your environment, would you be afraid of anyone / situation, or would you take a step without hesitation?

Innovation means working with people who "have heart like barbecue". Is the number of people with courage too many or few in your environment?

How are your results? If the negative answers got ahead of the positive, then you need to reshape your environment for the sustainability of your company. It is a fact that, innovation is a power that excites, motivates, drives people and fuels faith within them. This power is directly related to the culture of your company.

Let's design the environment that will foster the innovation culture in your company with the Collective Minds Creative Space Program. Let's Make Great Things Together!

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