Renkli Uzay

Our Purpose

is to serve people and companies to live their authentic purpose in ease and freedom.

We believe whatever you

Dream is Real.

If you dream big but feel fearful or anxious; you will drive the road to discomfort, difficulty, complexity, and even failure.

The reason behind this mindset is looking and valuing the business with numbers, instead of core purpose, qualified insights and meaningful people engagements.

If you dream your purpose, and be mindful and grateful by being in the present; you will unleash your full potential to make your dreams; future ambitions real.

We believe Purpose drives the road to Results, not Targets.

So why we are only talking about the outcome, instead of our core - WHY we exist

What if we change our dialogue;

  • from numbers to people

  • from to-do’s to purpose

  • from results to core roots

Imagine the impact on people, your eco-system, society and the world…

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Our Promise

We help to create collective conscious of your organization for powerful sustainable future

Long-lasting Positive Change

Thats why we work to build conversations on dreams, realities and their relations.  We establish all our efforts to discover the correlations of business, people, technology.

The knowledge each building on one another empowers organizations to establish a long-lasting positive change in areas we focus:

Business, Design, Strategy, Technology

Collective Efforts Matter for Impact

Collective efforts, extensive multi-industry know-how and experience, multi-disciplinary background and valuing contribution of each other makes it possible to:

  • Transform problems into innovation,

  • Turn ideas into action,

  • Create real business impact.

Our Values

They show us our guidance for the way we feel, think and do. They are our belief codes that we always consult in every situation - either good or bad - to keep our purpose alive in the world. We believe they always keep us great and powerful for what, how and why we do.

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Love and Passion


Growth and Expansion

Diversity and Inclusion

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Accountability and Execution

In Concert Fanlar
Deniz Günaydın - Collective Minds

Deniz Günaydın

Founder of Collective Minds &

Management Consultant (Culture & Transformation),

Executive Coach, Start-up Mentor @ ITU Çekirdek

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I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Advertising Department. I started my career in 2002 as a copywriter at a global agency. After a mobbing experience while serving the commercial problems of brands, I decided to develop solutions for companies to improve their culture. After working in the advertising industry for 5 years, I switched to Management Consulting.

Since 2008, I have worked in different fields such as Change and Transformation, Culture, Leadership, Strategy and Organizational Learning in Turkey, Turkic Republics, Russia and the Middle East Region.

Until now, I have served more than 3,000 leaders from 33 different nationalities in 15 countries and mostly Fortune 100 global and national companies. I've done more than 1.500 days consulting, 300 facilitations /trainings, over 2,500 hours of leadership coaching, and over 500 hours of mentoring to young entrepreneurs and university students.

Some of the projects I lead have been awarded by ATD (Association for Talent Development), GPTW (Great Place to Work), Asia Training & Development Association, TEGEP (Turkish Education and Development Platform Association), Altın Pusula on global, regional and national basis.

I believe that a sustainable future for organizations will be possible by leading the culture. I am the founder of Collective Minds, which operates in Turkey and Qatar, which serves companies in this field to build their collective power with their culture.

In my initiative called, I serve individuals. I support their transformation journey from White Collar to Free Collar with Podcasts, One-to-One Sessions and Online Trainings.

In addition, I voluntarily mentor the Start-ups at İTÜ Çekirdek and young leaders (university students and recent graduates).

In a period of my life, I gave motivational speeches to nearly 1.500 people in the Middle East about my fatal illness experience that happened to 60 people in the world history, and how I overcome that disease without disability (become one and only case in the world history) with Mental Resilience Method that I generated by my self. 

Since 2010, I am also interested in spiritual development and macro philosophy.


Let’s Do Great Things Together!

Our Partners and People

Can yıldızlı - collective minds

Can Yıldızlı


Principal Consultant &

Managing Partner, Ting

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Digital Business, Digital Thinking
Digital Design and Experience
Brand Strategy and Communication
Customer Experience

özge çakır fidan - Collective Minds

Özge Çakır Fidan


Principal Consultant &

Managing Partner, Ting

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Digital Business, Digital Thinking
Digital Design and Experience
Digital Marketing
Customer Experience
Business Operations
Partner Management