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EYP (Enhance Your Perception) Project

Last week my Linkedin connection Saif Ullah, Founder of Perception Share asked me to participant, share and comment on his new project Enhance Your Perception (EYP) Project. That's such a lovely initiative to be a part of it and contribute actively. It's great to feel connected and empower collective minds of people who share same mission; work for a better future of people and organizations with optimist mindset.

He stated a model and ask people to choose a topic that would like to be discussed and enhance peoples' perceptions. You just post your comment in the comments section as 1a, 1b or 2a, 2b and if it's possible, he asks you you to mention why you choose. That's a great way to generate insight from people. Great work Saif.

That model motivated me to share my prioritization based on this chart shared by Saif Ullah with my 15 years experience with Fortune 100 companies on culture, leadership, transformation as a management consultant and executive coach.

Here is my list with Why's:

2.a. Lead Yourself. Everything evolves inside out, so everything starts with self not with outside conditions, people etc. If you become connected with your inner nature, dedicate your self to live your authenticity, and walk on your unique path, that means you are ready to lead people, business, society etc.

2.b. Lead Others. Once you become whole and complete within yourself, it is time to lead others to unleash their full potentials. Do your best to find their missions & passions (why’s), support their journey to fulfill their destiny continuously. That will create miracles within your company. If you serve for people's dreams / mission, they will be more than happy to serve your dreams / mission.

1.a. Positive Culture. Once you fully understand and support your people, you can see the pattern of positive vibes which creates the relevant circumstances to built a positive culture. Your shared belief codes becomes your destiny. In the workplace the most both marvelous and dangerous things occur from the causes, and they become the results. It’s everyone’s job to foster positive culture - beliefs, emotions, behaviors - and reflect them to the things you do at work. The results will be stunning. In an environment that raises judgement, fear and anxiety, creates luck of love, encourage, inspiration; so thrive and innovation; so sustainability of your company.

1.b. Collaboration. Once the positive culture is built, then people will be more open to share same mission, vision and will be encouraged to work for them together. Together is better, once the organization environment is designed for a fearless place where everyone lives their freedom to raise their voice, ideas and encouraged them to be putted into action. Companies can only break the walls of silos, hidden gossips and mobbing by creating an environment for people to lead themselves, others better, and share a positive culture to collaborate together. If you want to foster collaboration from today, start with your self study (2.a.) by asking your self:

  • Who is myself?

  • What are my beliefs about myself?

  • What are my ideas, emotions, behaviors? How they affect me and others?

  • What myself leads in life? What are the causes and effects?

  • If I want to transform something about myself, what would be the first thing and why?

  • Why I exists?

  • What I want to lead my self? Why and how?

  • What I want to lead about others? Why and how?

Please visit Saif Ullah post, and feel free to share your choice, have a great opportunity to learn from diversified perspectives, and be a part of great hub.

As Collective Minds, we will always foster collective power globally, even if we are working on the same fields. We do not support competitiveness, but believe in the power of collective minds. That's our honor to connect and collaborate for the same higher purpose: work for a better future of people and organizations with optimist mindset. So, Let's Do Something Great Together!

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