• Deniz Günaydın

Connection of Culture with Vision, Strategy and Actions

Corporate culture seems to us as an intangible, invisible, unpredictable and undefined entity.

However, we feel the corporate culture with our 5 senses:

1. We hear what is said.

2. We see what has been done.

3. We feel the smell of the place.

4. We taste with our experience.

5. We touch each other's lives with our approaches.

When it comes to associating the culture that appeals to our 5 senses and is created by the conscious and / or unconscious contribution of everyone, we struggle to create linkage with the real work.

However, culture is our value that reveals the work itself through our essence, our word and what we do, and sustains (or threatens) our existence. It is the only power that makes people feel valuable, meaningful, and connected, so it is too valuable to be left to chance.

As Collective Minds, one of our passions is to make visible the connection of culture with vision, strategies and every step taken, so that people feel their presence meaningful in the company and what they do.

The Action (Culture in Execution) Program supports you in building an organization where sustainability is based on culture, and purpose meet business results.

If you are interested, send a message to merhaba @collectiveminds.com.tr and Let's Make Great Things Together!

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