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Big Shift in Organizations: Survive to Thrive?

Everybody is on the same page that there is neither artificial, nor creamy-dreamy change, but a hard-core transformation is going on globally. The world evolves to a new dimension. This dimension force us to a big shift in the mindset from 'survive' to 'thrive'.

We were chit-chatting about the concepts of resilience and agility. Now these two big brothers are in the middle of our our tables, and we still try to unlearn and leave our old habits.

As Collective Minds we believe resilience and agility are beyond methodologies, change projects that have a start and an end date. We believe resilience and agility are a collective mindset that shapes our culture.

In that culture we need to;

- build decisiveness and flexibility for resilience

- focus all our attention to simplicity and realism for agility

- achieve both, we must have both faith and devotion.

Collective Minds Flow Program helps organizations to build a mindful organization which adapts to the flow of conditions by empowering agility and resilience.

If you're interested, email to merhaba@collectiveminds.com.tr and

Let's Make Great Things Together!

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