• Deniz Günaydın

Be the Company That Lives in Every Heartbeat

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

There is a truth that we all feel deeply: Goals excite us the moment we hear them. But immediately after that, stress surrounds our body. The reason is the uncertainty about how the goals will be achieved and the fear of possible failure.

People do their best to achieve their goals with the strength they get from fear. And they pay some price for it: Stress, Monday syndromes, physical illnesses...

Human mind likes clarity, not obscurity. That's why goals exist. Yet, even if you make the goals (Where do I want to go?) and the path (How am I going?) extremely clear to the people, the same costs will still be paid. There is always a lack of taste in this adventure. The reason is the answer to a question that is still not clear in people’s minds and hearts: Why am I doing these things?

Collective Minds' Heart Beat Program challenges existing performance systems. Let's change the game. This year, instead of talking about stress of performance, or the pressure of targets upon us; let’s talk about the meaning of work for people, and how much we serve for company purpose.

Let's build a culture that will protect the mental and emotional well-being of people, our most valuable resource, while achieving our goals. Let's finally be a company that lives in every heartbeat of people.

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