• Deniz Günaydın

How to Build Tribe: Collaboration Culture?

We believe everything evolves inside out. That evolution is succeed by neither targets nor strategies. That evolution relies on the belief system of people and how they are collectively united in every heart beat of the organization.

What makes people to feel the organization in every heart beat is the feeling of 'belonging', which is one of the major need of human. To embrace belonging, organizations create an environment where Silos transform into Tribes. Where common purpose and dreams are talked, titles disappear; excitement, success and happiness emerge. where Collaboration Culture grows and organizations get stronger.

Tribe Program is to build value based collaboration culture that creates high impact on purpose and results. In this program we explore the value based way of working together while embracing collaboration culture as a team / department to create impact for the organization in the big picture.

If your'e interested, email us to merhaba@collectiveminds.com.tr and Let's Make Great Things Together.

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