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Give People Dreams Rather Than Targets

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Companies are beyond the places where we sell our 9-6 hours, knowledge, effort and experience for money. But most people lose their enthusiasm and feel like a gear of the wheel, so they break the heart bond with the workplace. Then, Monday syndromes starting on Sunday nights, employees working to finish their "to-do-list" and do not care much beyond comes.

Conclusion: Even if there are people who work hard to avoid losing their jobs with Covid-19; Gallup's survey conducted in 2020 states that 54% of employees do not feel connected to where they work, and 14% are completely disconnected. Then there is definitely something wrong.

In fact, the reason is simple: In an environment where every person's energy, beliefs and ideas can take action, employees actually go beyond working under the shackles of ever-changing goals, share the dreams of the company and realize their own dreams within that company. People who work for dreams, own their company as if they are the shareholders.

We designed the Corpentrec, Corporate Entrepreneurship Program to create this environment in your company. Send an e-mail to merhaba@collectiveminds.com.tr and Let's Make Great ThingsTogether!

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