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Have We Transformed Digitally, or Gone Crazy?

Everyone is after digital transformation. Everyone talks about this and each head has a different voice. A lot of technological terms, applications, tools ... flying in the air. This creates terrible techno-stress on human beings.

When technology, which is the 'job of the software developers', suddenly becomes a part of everyone's business or job that people feel they are swimming in unknown waters. People are worried about how they will transform his way of working with technology, and how they will let go of his old habits.

As our partner Ting mentioned in the 2020 Digital Thinking Report, human beings actually feel the pain of moving from 'Analog Thinking’ to ‘Digital Thinking’, not the technology itself. Our present state and future tell us; To be meaningful and sustainable, we have to believe that digital should be seen as a way of doing business, not just technology.

We dream-try-fall these new ways of doing business; Perhaps for the first time, we tried and discovered with Covid-19 without having to plan-design-measure excessively. And it still continues.

In this way, with the Covid-19 period, the digitalization speed that companies will achieve in 5 years was completed in 9 months. However, have people transformed digitally or have they gone crazy?

Some gone crazy, some had difficulties, some adapted, others were already eagerly awaiting today's arrival. Since the digital thinking scope and digital skills of every person are not the same, organizations have and still have struggled with this alignment.

At Collective Minds, we believe that Digital Transformation is a matter of culture. It covers the overall evolution of all belief codes, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, habits and systems used in the organization. And every organization's culture is different from each other. That's why the approach of ‘if you have headache, have a painkiller medicine’ to everyone does not work in this context. So how should we approach this business?

  • Looking with curiosity and trying to understand without judgment

  • By including all levels and understanding of everybody, by taking the matter out of the agenda of only top leaders

  • By carrying Digital Transformation beyond technology and explaining that it is a way of thinking; Instead of making it the fearful dream of the organization, enthusiastically sharing the reasons that will increase the enthusiasm for transformation on a regular basis with people

  • Recognizing that the motivation and speed of transformation varies from person to person

  • By simplifying and simplifying all the bureaucratic, long, complex and slow-progressing business manners on the organization in sake of Execution which has 3 dimensions: Strategy-Operations and Human Resources

  • By fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in the company and enabling people to produce new ideas and new ways of doing business (by allowing and encouraging trial and failure)

  • By defining the culture for collaboration, by defining purpose and creating environments / subjects that will bring people to give their different ideas and opinions

  • By designing level-based training / programs / applications on digital thinking and maturity

D-Savvy Digital Culture Program, designed and run by Collective Minds with its business partner Ting, starts by measuring your organization's digital thinking and mindset with an evaluation method that is tailored to your industry and organization. In these methods;

  • Current system and culture analysis

  • Individual and group interviews

  • Focus group studies

  • Experiential workshops based on solving real business cases of your company in order to see the boundaries of the organization within the group dynamics

  • As a result of all these studies, the Digital Thinking Score questionnaire consisting of question sets specially designed for your organization and the sector you are in.

At the end of this study, the organization will have;

  • D-Savvy Definition

  • Organization / department / team based analysis

  • organization / department / team based prioritized initiatives

  • D-Savvy Execution Plan

For more detailed information, contact us via merhaba@collectiveminds.com.tr and Let's Make Great Things Together!

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