Ev Boyama Araçları

Organizational Design

& Culture

Collective Minds has seven outstanding organizational design solutions to build your organizations’ collective power through your culture.

Kültürün İcrada Yaşaması Culture in Execution - Collective Minds

Building purpose driven organization in execution, where sustainability relies on culture

Amaç Performansı Purpose Performance - Collective Minds

Building a disruptive performance management system established on purpose, values, meaning with data-driven approach

Dayanıklılık ve Çeviklik Resilient and Agile Kültür - Collective Minds

Building a mindful organization which adapts to the flow of conditions by empowering agility and resilience

İşbirliği Kültürü Collaboration Culture - Collective Minds

Building value based collaboration culture that creates high impact on purpose and results for teams, departments and whole organization

İnovasyon Kültürü Innovation Culture - Collective Minds

Building innovation culture by creating meaningful time and space for creativity and innovation

Kurumsal Girişimcilik Corporate Entrepreneurship Culture - Collective Minds

Building entrepreneurship spirit within the organization to raise accountability and empowerment

Dijital Kültür Digital Culture Digital Maturity - Collective Minds

Building digital maturity by transforming organizations people and habits

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