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Building purpose driven organization in execution,
where sustainability relies on culture

Most of the organization's challenge is turning purpose and vision into reality. Dreaming and planning on paper does not guarantee to turn them into real action and results. There are many reasons behind this fact. The most obvious ones are the lack of Big-Picture-Thinking and convert it into a transparent, clear and exciting strategy execution which makes sense with every single people’s daily contribution. But, how we can do this?


Our journey for ACTION - Culture in Execution - Program starts with Future Fingerprint (FF) and then determine customized organizational design initiatives based on the outcomes of Future Fingerprint outcomes . Let's discover together!

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Turn Purpose into Vision, Make Vision Real.

Future is created in the present. Present carries the power of your Dreams and transform them into Real. Dreams are Real, but how?

As Collective Minds we believe whatever you dream is real. And it’s created in every single moment with your purpose, values and every heartbeat of your people.

The only obstacle in front of us is to think the big picture of your business and convert into a transparent, clear and exciting strategy execution which makes sense with every single people’s daily contribution.


Our job is to create this system by our models and facilitate the experience by embracing brilliant ideas and create the collective mind of your organization. Because we believe collective minds build collective power. 

Our Collaboration Journey to Build Collective Power

1. Understanding Your Business Case

2. Designing Future Fingerprint

3. Deploying to All-levels

First of all, we understand the past, present and what is happening in the journey to the future; where you are, where you want to reach in sake of sustainability and turn it into a business case.

We design and facilitate the Future Fingerprint workshop with the leaders of the organization based on the real business case definition.

With the contribution of all levels, we transform the high level defined Future Fingerprint of the organization into people's passions and daily business actions.

4. Developing Strategy Execution Agenda

5. Learn, Grow and Expand the Impact

6. Design Organization Inline with Purpose and Vision

We harmonize the outcomes, created by the contribution of all levels, within themselves. We transform the outputs into a solid, clear and simple strategy execution agenda.

We teach every level in the organization how to manage and use the Future Fingerprint Execution Agenda. We identify level-based development needs.

Finally, according to your request, we support you to design your organization with a multi-disciplinary approach in order to make the Future Fingerprint a reality.

For futher details, please download our brochure. Click on the pdf icon: